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(v) Sources Of Information

1. Red House Log Books
2. Reports of Inspectors
3. Minutes of Managers Meetings
4. The Norfolk Chronicle (see issue of April 5th, 1817 re disaster at Norwich
5. Eastern Daily Press
      (re Mr Philip Sewell; Feb 7th and 9th 1906 also May 18th 1907)
      (re Mr P.E.Sewell (Ted). January 7,9,11 of 1937 and July 7 1938)
      (re Miss Margaret Sewell. November 18 and 27 1937)
6. Norwich Mercury
     (re Miss Margaret Sewell, November 18 and 27,1937)
7. The Times
      (re Mr Philip Sewell's success as a builder of railways in Spain, 1863)
      (November 19, 1937, Miss Sewell; a pioneer in Social Services)
8. The published works of Anne Wright (Mrs John Wright) including "What is a bird" (27 lectures for Red House Boys). and A Guide to Geology published 1853 9. Mary Sewell's "Reminiscences" dictated by her at the request of her grandchildren, about 1882, with much about the Red House. She was one of the sisters of the founder, John Wright.
10. Mary Sewell's many publications include ballads, some said to be based on tales of Red House boys; e.g."Mothers last Words" See British Museum General Catalogue for long list of her published works.
11. "The Life and letters of Miss Sewell" by Mrs E.B. Bayly, first published in 1880's. See also commentary on 1st edition, by Margaret Sewell pointing out many errors of fact.
12. The History of Buxton Village by Margaret Sewell, 1937
13. Three booklets "The Red House, 1906" also 1910 and 1911. These were the published annual reports by the managers. 1906 was the first, 1911 probably the last.
14. White's Directory, and Kelly's Directory of Norfolk, 1875 and 1883 (an account of the Buxton Reformatory appears under "Marsham")
15. Copies of all the above publications and manuscripts (except the first three listed above) are now available at the Colman & Rye Libraries of Local History which are housed within the Norwich Central Library.
16. By good fortune there survives many notes collected by Mr Harry Jarmy of Buxton. He was a member of staff for about fifty years.
17. From Crow-scaring to Westminster by George Edwards, MP, OBE. Published by the National Union of Agricultural Workers.