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(i) Authors Note

The request to write this story of the Red House Farm School came early in 1975; the research took longer than expected because a great mass of material was produced by the school and founding families. Fortunately a number of photographs came to light; some of these are from the earliest years and now have been gathered together in albums as a permanent record. The study of the diaries and daily log, covering a period of eighty years, has left the writer with the greatest admiration for the men and women who float in and out of the story; he feels quite unable to do justice to their work. Many of them, like the headmasters, stayed for thirty or forty years. It was decided to write this history primarily for those whose work brings them into contact with the Red House. The material has been selected to interest them but the story also has local interest. Part 1 concludes with the year 1937 and the death of the last of the Sewell benefactors. Part 11 will follow. The author has been assisted by Mr John Buck, and Mrs Jo Pike of the Red House School and is deeply grateful for all their help. A chronology has been included in the following pages, as a guide to the contents of this history. This is followed by a tree to show the connection between the Sewell and Wright families. There is also a table to show the variations in the purchasing power of the ; the fluctuations greatly affected life at the Red House during and after the Great War. The sources of information are listed at the end.