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This corner house was originally a cottage. It was built by Mrs Susan Watts who made it into a public house which she kept and bequeathed to Thomas Watts in 1845. There was at one time stabling for horses. Until recently there were flints with holes in them in the road opposite the pub in Lion Rd to tie the horses to.(see picture) On Jan 2nd 1976 between 9PM and midnight there was a famous gale during which the wind reached 105mph at Cromer. Many trees fell down and one removed part of the Black Lion roof and several others fell across the car park trapping the cars. About a dozen customers had to spend the night in the pub as they couldn't get home - shame! View photo on Weather Photo Page. 
The Black Lion. The Black Lion and Lion Corner.

Licensees were :

Thomas Watts 1836-1854,
Mrs Anne Watts 1861-1869,
Susan Watts 1879,1881,
George Stratton 1883,
William Lambert 1888,
Robert Lemon 1890,
Charles Jacob Todd 1891-1900,
Thomas leatherdale 1904,
Beno Claude Woodhouse 1908-1942,
Aves c1960,
Allen c1963,
Joe Snowdon (married a Sewell).
George Yates (ex raf officer)
Joe Craven 1970 for 10 years,
Tubby Cheek 81-91,
Nigel Booth 91-96,
Keith Mitchell 96 to present..


1841 Sold by Trunch, then Morgans, Youngs Crawshay & Youngs (1925), then Bullards, Watney mann (1967) and Norwich Brewery and lately a Freehouse.

This is an old house which used to be a farm with a dairy attached. There is a tradition that it was originally the dwelling of Sir John Picto. During the war many Coltishall pilots signed their names on the ceiling including Douglas Bader but unfortunately they were painted over during renovations of the pub. Described in 1796 auction "With a room let off as a shop and a yard and stable to the same belonging Copyhold to the Manor of Buxton with the Members." It was largely rebuilt in the mid 1800's.

The Crown. Licensees:

Henry Hodhe Earl 1836,
Andrew Hodge Hall 1841-1855,
Christopher Watts 1861-1865,
Charles Smith 1869,
Thomas Lane 1871, Thomas Lane
William Rust 1879,
Ezra Dixon 1892-1896,
Richard Daisly Woodcock 1900,
Robert Howlings 1904-1912,
Herbert Bayfield 1916-1922,
Charles Dudley Meachen 1925,
John Mason 1926-1937,
Sidney Broom (war),
Eddie & Laura Shearing,
Hubert Mitchell 1963-1967,
Bill & Mary?,
Thelma & Jim Rolfe 1968-78
Keith Hendy,
Sue & Adrian Fawkes 1982 -1997.
Closed for 18 months & put up for sale. Reopened 1999.

Any further information about publicans welcome.


Lot No 20 in sale 21st May 1796 of Coltishall brewery.
Owned by Steward & Patterson 1837-1851,
Watney Mann 1967,
Brent Walker 1988,
Pubmaster until closure early 1999,
reopened 22nd Dec 1999 (Freehouse).

This was an old hostel and brewery situated on the east side of Brook Street at the Norwich end. In the 1832 survey of Buxton it is described as Newbridge Public House but later may have been called The White Hart. It became the house of the Millers who owned the Smithy in Brook street. The site is now occupied by Forge and Blacksmiths Cottages.

The location of The Half Moon in Buxton is uncertain. It was said to be originally Trunch brewery, conveyed to Morgans on 30th September 1895 by Neal Primrose & Oldman Carter.

The Anchor Of Hope.

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